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Sign the Petition: National Parks Should Not be Billboards for Corporate Advertising.


Sign the Petition: National Parks Should Not be Billboards for Corporate Advertising

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America’s National Parks are among our greatest national treasures, open for everyone to explore, enjoy, and learn from the natural world void of commercial intrusions.

That could now change. A new policy proposed by the National Park Service directs parks to actively seek donations from corporate vendors, liberalizes rules on “donor recognition,” drops the current policy that parks must be free of commercialism, and lifts various restrictions on naming rights in parks.

The National Park Service’s plan to sell naming rights and advertising space within America’s parks would dishonor and degrade these national treasures now and for future generations.

How long before our beautiful mountain vistas are tarnished by the logos of Coca-Cola, General Electric, McDonald’s and Budweiser? This plan could also lead to corporate interests having undue influence on how our parks are managed and enjoyed.

Why can’t we savor the breathtaking splendor of Acadia or Yosemite without being assaulted by advertising?

This centennial year of the National Park Service is the time to celebrate the splendor of our national parks, not deface them with corporate logos.

Add Your Name to the Petition

We, the undersigned, call on the National Park Service to abandon plans to permit corporate sponsorships, naming rights, and branding in our parks. We ask you to respect our national parks and the legacy of the generations that built them.

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