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Scaling Up COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccine Access

Public health experts agree we will not escape from the pandemic until we have an effective vaccine. There is a very real risk that, on our current course, it will take years to produce enough vaccine to meet the global need. We are facing very foreseeable nightmare scenarios of our own making – but they are entirely avoidable, if the world acts proactively and cooperatively, now.

New information from Public Citizen answers:

  • How can governments prevent rationing of forthcoming COVID-19 treatments and vaccines, given limited manufacturing capacity?
  • Will people, payers and health programs be able to afford vaccines and treatments?
  • Will patents and commercial secrecy inhibit the COVID-19 response?
  • How can governments best work together to accelerate technology transfer and scale up manufacturing?

Read the answers here, and read more about Public Citizen’s work on the coronavirus here.