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Repealing Public Protections Is a Corporate Agenda, Not a Populist One

Repealing Public Protections Is a Corporate Agenda, Not a Populist One

Statement of Lisa Gilbert, Director, Public Citizen’s Congress Watch Division

American workers, consumers and families did not ask for polluted rivers, more dangerous workplaces or greater corruption, but that’s exactly what we’re getting every time Republicans use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to wipe out public protections. This week, the U.S. House of Representatives will use the CRA to pass a resolution of disapproval to begin the process of rolling back a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recordkeeping rule that helps the DOL enforce worker health and safety laws by ensuring that employers across the country keep track of occupational health and safety incidents.

Congress and President Donald Trump already have wiped out two protections under the CRA. One would have stopped big oil companies from bribing governments at the expense of nearby communities. The other would have protected our streams and rivers from coal and mining companies intent on dumping toxic chemicals into our irrigation and drinking water. Republicans know full well that the consequences of repealing health, safety, consumer and environmental protections will be painful and widespread, but paying back their corporate donors appears to be their top priority.

It is worth recalling that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other corporate interests pumped $1 billion into Republican campaign coffers and political lobbying, much of it aimed at repealing regulatory protections that their corporate donors do not want. Now they’re getting exactly what they paid for – and regular Americans will pay the price.

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