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RECALL Nancy Nord

While parents were in panic over the lead paint on their children’s toys (like "Robot 2000"), what was the head of the government agency in charge of protecting us doing?  Traveling – on the dime of the very industries she is supposed to be regulating.

Nancy Nord, the interim Chairwoman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has not shied away from that fact that she accepts lavish trips from the industries she regulates and even claims that it is perfectly ethical

The CPSC is charged with monitoring thousands of products that we use everyday, including toys, but has been systematically gutted by lack of funding and industry-friendly political appointees.  A proposed bill, the CPSC Reform Act of 2007, would help fix that.  It would more than double the agency’s funding, give it new powers to punish those who sell dangerous products, and offer protection to government whistleblowers who courageously report wrongdoing within the agency.

Guess who isn’t a fan?

Nord. She is also opposed to a bill that would make her agency more effective and better protect consumers from dangerous products. Could her position having anything to do with a recent free trip to New Orleans?  Or maybe she is just more interested in protecting industry profits than consumers.

You can tell your senators to "RECALL" Nancy Nord and to PASS the CPSC Reform Action of 2007 with additional ethics reforms to prevent staff from accepting industry-sponsored travel.