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Public Citizen’s Corporate Presidency Project Highlights Corporate Ties, Conflicts of Interest of Trump Administration

Nov. 3, 2017

Public Citizen’s Corporate Presidency Project Highlights Corporate Ties, Conflicts of Interest of Trump Administration

Website Makes It Easy to Conduct In-Depth Research on Trump, His Team and Their Activities

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Media, activists, nonprofits and policymakers can use Public Citizen’s CorporatePresidency.org to track the corporate ties and conflicts of interest in President Donald Trump’s administration.

Public Citizen today unveiled the website, part of the group’s new Corporate Presidency Project. The project is exposing corporate ties, corrupting influences and conflicts of interest in Trump’s administration, which is proving to be more entangled with corporate interests than any administration in recent memory.

The site highlights Public Citizen’s in-depth research on Trump, his team and their activities. Recent examples include:

• An examination of how regulatory rollbacks could benefit Trump’s personal business empire.
• An investigation revealing that 44 lobbyists with ties to Trump or Vice President Mike Pence are cashing in on their connections and lobbying for businesses and foreign governments as lobbyists.
• An exhaustive analysis of Trump’s business empire that tracks more than 500 business entities under his control.
• A tally detailing more than 300 corporate executives who have met with Trump.
• An analysis of the industry sectors benefiting from Trump’s policies only six months into his administration.

“President Trump has handed control of the government to an extremist faction of the corporate class, making a mockery of candidate Trump’s claim that he would end corruption in Washington, D.C.,” said Robert Weissman, Public Citizen’s president. “Trump has appointed Cabinet members and advisers with deep and pervasive ties to Corporate America and Wall Street, while rejecting any meaningful disclosure or compliance with ethics laws and regulations.”

Going forward, Public Citizen’s Corporate Presidency Project will probe:

• Conflicts of interest involving Trump and his administration and the dangers of these conflicts.
• The use of the presidency for self-enrichment by the Trump family and how the resulting conflicts will harm the American people.
• The vast array of corporate favors doled out by the Trump administration, focusing especially on policies, subsidies and deregulatory moves that warrant national attention.