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Weissman: 'You're either with the people or you're with Exxon, Goldman Sachs and General Electric'

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Two interviews with Public Citizen President Robert Weissman at last month’s Netroots Nation convention on the need to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s disastrous ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. That ruling opened the door for unlimited corporate spending on elections. Up top Weissman talks to The Uptake’s Jacob Wheeler about the need to overturn Citizens United and about Public Citizen’s and People For the American Way’s Pledge for Democracy campaign in which candidates for Congress are asked to take a pledge to support a constitutional amendment to undo Citizens United. And after the jump, an interview with Sum of Change that delves a little deeper into the legal issues behind the ruling.


Weissman was at the Netroots convention for a panel discussion where he joined U.S. Reps. Alan Grayson and Donna Edwards in calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United ruling.