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Public Citizen is all a-Twitter

Public Citizen is making more strides to increase its presence in the world of social networking by creating a Twitter account. What is Twitter, you ask? Essentially it’s a tool that lets you stay connected through an exchange of quick and brief answers to the question, “What are you doing?” We at Public Citizen do quite a lot of things, every day, so using the service is a perfect match.

The key part to the success of this endeavor, however, is you. We need people to join Twitter, follow our updates, and pass our “tweets” along to friends. What will you gain by following our Twitter account? You’ll get snappy, quick updates on research, events, action items and more.

So join now! It’s painless, quick, and you’ll be helping to support our consumer advocacy and government accountability efforts. To see Public Citizen’s Twitter page, go to http://twitter.com/Public_Citizen.