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Protecting the rights of government whistleblowers

It’s no secret that the government officials you elect to serve the public’s best interests often abuse their power and cost you your hard-earned dollars. So, when the average government employee witnesses the acts of corruption that continue to plague our political system, shouldn’t they have the freedom to speak up and protect the public’s rights without facing the risk of retaliation?

Though strong bills were passed last year that would provide whistleblowers with greater protection of their rights to free speech, now is the time to demand that Congress finish the job by passing a final bill.

The truth is plain and simple. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been squandered. Documents regarding our own nation’s security have been falsified. Scientific research has often been altered, or worse yet, brought to a complete stand-still. Yet, the very same employees who can defend our rights by blowing the whistle on the government misconduct have less protection than corporate employees enjoy. As a result, too few employees are willing to take on the risks of speaking out against government wrongdoings.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ensure that these everyday eyewitnesses of government corruption can stand up for public rights without feeling intimidated or threatened?

You can help! Stand up for the everyday heroes who protect your rights by taking action now. So far, more than 200 public interest organizations have signed on to urge Congress to change the status quo – and now you can too. Sign the Citizens’ Whistleblower Petition today or read more about what the Make It SAFE Coalition is doing to protect those who help to overcome political corruption. There is no better time than now to make Congress aware of the grassroots support for honesty and accountability within our government.