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Politico cites Public Citizen’s webinar on the People’s Vaccine Campaign

By Carmen Paun

“Pharma critics aren’t satisfied. Mass production of generic vaccines is what it will take to get everybody inoculated, said Joia Mukherjee, chief medical officer at Partners In Health. She said pharmaceutical companies sound like they did early in the AIDS epidemic, when it took almost a decade to get treatments to poor countries. She said they argue, ‘It’s too difficult, it costs us a lot of money to make these vaccines; it’s not possible for us to scale up rapidly enough. But what we know is that is not true.'”

“Mukherjee’s comments came during an event hosted by Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group that wants the U.S. to spend $25 billion to vaccinate the world. Public Citizen and other organizations behind the People’s Vaccine campaign will hold a global day of action March 11 to urge universal access. That falls on the one-year anniversary of WHO declaring the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.”

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