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People-Powered Groups Are Standing Up to Front Groups

Between now and November, sham, shell and phony front groups will be blasting our airwaves with

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smears, half-truths and outright lies.

But people-powered groups are fighting back. A growing chorus of organizations like the League of Women Voters, Greenpeace and the Sunlight Foundation are joining Public Citizen in calling on Congress to pass the DISCLOSE Act (S. 2219, H.R. 4010).

Now, local organizations have the opportunity to join the fight too.

If you’re a leader or member of a civic group, club, student organization, nonprofit organization or small business that supports transparency of money in politics, let us know.

I’ll add your group’s name to the letter we’re delivering to Congress from people-powered organizations that support the DISCLOSE Act. Already, several nonprofit organizations, occupy groups, faith groups and even small businesses have signed on to the letter.

The DISCLOSE Act will unmask the front groups, ensuring the public is informed about who is behind the political ads they see, regardless of whether that funding comes from corporations, labor unions, or millionaires and billionaires.

Make no mistake. Between now and November, a deluge of negative ads will be aimed directly at influencing your vote. As much as $9.8 billion will be spent on ads trying to influence U.S. voters over the course of the election season.

Help make sure voters know who is behind the billions. Add your group’s name to the letter supporting transparency of money in politics.