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New Study Demonstrates Why Texans Need to Take Action On Global Warming

Jan. 1, 2002

New Study Demonstrates Why Texans Need to Take Action On Global Warming

According to Public Citizen’s most recent global warming study, Texans? ingenuity and vast natural resources can help reduce emissions of the single most destructive gas pouring into the earth’s atmosphere — carbon dioxide. Global warming studies have concluded that excessive amounts of this gas are acting like a blanket and warming the earth. Texas leads the nation in its emissions of this harmful gas. If Texas was an independent nation, it would rank seventh among nations of the world in carbon dioxide emissions.

Church groups and environmentalists have asked the state’s environmental agency to take action to reduce these emissions. The hearing on the state’s response will be held Jan. 18.

“We can solve global warming. This report is a wake up call to all Texans to reduce global warming emissions,” said Tom “Smitty” Smith of Public Citizen. “On January 18, the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission will release its global warming report and state whether it will pursue options to reduce emissions. Over half the states have global warming action plans, and nearly every other nation on earth is taking action. It’s time Texas takes responsibility for its own emissions or we’ll be left in the dust while other states and nations are sitting cool.”

Added Pete Altman of the Sustainable Environment and Economic Development (SEED) Coalition, “Global warming should be planned for now. Modern science has given us a glimpse of a coming environmental threat similar to the dustbowl, and we can take smart actions to change our patterns and engineer our way out of this problem just as our grandparents did.”

To read the report, Cooling Texas: Meeting the Challenge of Global Warming in Texas, please click here.