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MyPillow Subjected To Plenty Of Legal Tossing And Turning

MyPillow Subjected To Plenty Of Legal Tossing And Turning


Laura Northrup

Sleeping on the wrong pillow can make you pretty miserable, but that doesn’t mean that sleeping on the right pillow is a magical medical treatment. MyPillow, a $90 pillow that could be yours if you ordered it from direct-response television ads, has had some legal problems ranging from false advertising to knowing failure to collect sales tax to class action suits.

Truth in Advertising has been on the pillow’s case for most of the last year, and consumer protection officials in California have come to a settlement with the company over accusations of false advertising. Turns out that you can’t make unfounded claims about how a pillow treats actual medical problems.

Here are MyPillow’s recent legal troubles, which either have had or will have real-life financial consequences for the company. For some perspective, the company has reportedly sold four million pillows, though.

Read more: https://consumerist.com/2016/11/01/mypillow-subjected-to-plenty-of-legal-tossing-and-turning/