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Montreal lawyer aims to sue McDonald's for advertising to children

Montreal lawyer aims to sue McDonald’s for advertising to children

Montreal Gazette

Jason Magder

Joey Zukran is the lawyer heading a petition for a class-action lawsuit against the multinational restaurant chain, filed in the name of Antonio Bramante, a father of three children. Bramante, who has been in the media in the past because of his quest to start a controversial chain of medical marijuana clinics, referred all interview requests to Zukran.

Zukran said the issue is how McDonald’s markets toys toward children. Quebec’s consumer protection law prohibits advertising to children under the age of 13. The suit claims McDonald’s toys are timed to be available at the same time as popular movies for children, and in its restaurants, cardboard promotional posters are at the eye level of young children.

“The main purpose of the action is for McDonald’s to stop the practice,” Zukran said. “It’s quite clear there is a serious violation across the province and we want to put an end to it.”

He said the suit was brought on because his client complained that he has felt compelled to buy the toys because his daughter had become a collector.

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