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Make your senators go on record

When consumers make investments, we don’t get government-backed guarantees. Goldman Sachs shouldn’t either.

Readers, you can help us stop Goldman and other Wall Street banks from getting government support for their risky trades.

The Merkley-Levin amendment – cosponsored by Sens. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and Carl Levin (D-Mich.) – to the Wall Street reform bill would stop government-backed banks from engaging in risky trading. It would also stop big banks from making Goldman-Sachs-style bets against their own clients.

Here’s how you can help. We’ve set up a public “whip chart” where you can see where your senators stand on this issue. We’re asking you to make a quick call to your senators’ offices to find out whether they support, oppose or are undecided on the Merkley-Levin amendment (there’s a short script on this page). After you make the call, you can use the page to report your senators’ postions. 

You calls will help persuade senators to represent you, not the big banks. And we’ll use your feedback to help us target particular senators and get enough votes to pass the amendment. By asking your senators to go on record, you can help pass the Merkley-Levin amendment – and shine a spotlight on senators who are working against the public interest by opposing it.

We are committed to strengthening the financial reform bill that will rein in Wall Street’s deceptive and predatory practices while laying the groundwork for a strong, sustainable economy for our communities. Thank you for your help!