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In Midst of Possible Turnover, Dems Fail to Impress

Roll Call (subscription only) reports Democrats have opened their arms to lobbyists and special interests.  With control of the House in reach, Democrats are eager to muster all the help they can get.  Likewise, Big Business and K Street want to avoid alienation if the House is turned over in November.

In an effort not to jeopardize their credibility or their effort to paint Republicans as “corporate handmaidens,” Democrats have steered clear of taking money from the less popular pharmaceutical and energy industries.

Or have they?

Democrat Benjamin Cardin, who is running for Maryland’s open Senate seat, has advertised he "always tries to do what’s right…taking on the drug companies, the oil companies, and the insurance companies."  However, his campaign has received money from PACs representing those very industries, the Washington Post reports.

Republicans running as Washington outsiders have not fared better in refusing special interest funding.  Michael Steele, who has accepted $44,718 from the oil and gas industry, said it would not affect his aggressive environmental agenda.  Rep Wayne Gilchrest (R-Md.), who pledged to work with Steele on environmental issues, said it is tough not be influenced by where you get your funding from.

Perhaps it’s not surprising–neither Cardin* or Steele have signed our Voters First Pledge.

*Correction: Cardin signed the Voters First Pledge on Sept. 5.