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Houston Billboards Make the Case for Medicare for All Ahead of Democratic Debates

Hundreds of Thousands of Passersby on I-45 Will Read Key Messages About the Need for Medicare for All

HOUSTON – People driving north on I-45 in Houston this week will see two billboard messages from Public Citizen that help make the case for Medicare for All.

The first billboard, located 255 feet south of Berkley Street, says: “Keep your doctor, ditch your greedy insurer – Medicare for All now.” About a mile and a half later, a second billboard, located 100 feet north of Griggs Road, reads: “1 in 5 Texans are uninsured – Medicare for Y’all now.”

Public Citizen is using the two billboards to counter misinformation being spread about Medicare for All by big pharma and the insurance industry, as well as others who profit from our fragmented and costly health care system, which fails to deliver needed care to millions of Americans. The messages remind passersby that, under Medicare for All, all doctors and hospitals would be in network, so people could keep their doctor. Only the way health care is paid for would change. (Rather than go through a private insurance company that denies care, narrows doctor and hospital choice, and constantly increases out-of-pocket costs, Medicare for All would pay the bill.) A second key message: People who are uninsured now would receive needed care under Medicare for All.

“Texans, and Americans in general, are realizing that Medicare for All is the only plan that would fix our costly and unequal health care system, which puts profits ahead of patients,” said Melinda St. Louis, director of Public Citizen’s Medicare for All campaign. “With national media coming to Houston this week to cover the presidential debate, and with big pharma and insurance companies spreading misinformation, we want to make sure people hear the truth about Medicare for All.”



The billboard messages will run through Sept. 15.

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