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Help us Protect Big Bend and the Guadalupe Mountains

Big Bend. The Guadalupe Mountains. Everything about them is iconic…everything but the air pollution that obscures the scenic viewscapes. Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains National Park are increasingly under attack from air pollution known as haze from coal plants and refineries. The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to reduce and eliminate this haze. Under EPA’s proposed rule, however, Texas’s oldest and dirtiest power plants would be exempted from installing readily available, modern pollution controls. As a result, air pollution and impaired visibility at our National Parks could persist.

Don’t let big polluters off the hook — if they pollute our parks, they should pay to clean up. EPA has the authority to require the major sources of haze in our National Parks to clean up – let’s demand improved safeguards. EPA needs to hear from you before February 28th.

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