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Headlines: Jan. 19, 2006

USA Today: The congressman & the hedge fund. Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-Cal.) reportedly accepted $110,000 from a fundraiser held by a New York investment group, one day before a defense spending bill was approved containing a $160 million project of critical importance to the group – a project actively protected by Lewis.

San Francisco Chronicle: Dems unveil plan to curb lobbying. The Democratic Party has come forth with a proposal to address corruption in Washington, two days after Republicans unveiled a strikingly similar set of demands. Both parties have been criticized for failing to outline a cogent system for executing any new rules or for punishing violators.

LA Times: Justices Weigh Limits Put on Campaign Ads. On Tuesday, Chief Justice John Roberts questioned the constitutionality of certain campaign finance limits placed on groups by the 2002 McCain-Feingold legislation.

-Jess Kutch