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Has your candidate signed?


Conventional wisdom says our political system is too broken to be fixed.  That bribery and graft are here to stay.  That politicians cannot be trusted to do the right thing. This year, we started a campaign to change all that. 

Finally, after months of calling and emailing, we met (and exceeded!) our target and are releasing the names of who has signed the Voters First Pledge.

Right now, 300 candidates running for Congress have signed.  That’s 300 who pledge to: improve publicly-funded elections elections, support real lobbying reform, and create transparency for the fundraising done by lobbyists.

Today we held a national press conference to announce all of our success in getting 300 Congressional candidates to sign the Voter’s First Pledge. Joan Claybrook, President of Public Citizen, laid out the facts for reporters.

Did your candidates sign?  Look up our results so far at the newly-launched Voters First Web site.

If any of your candidates are missing, its time to join the movement.  Take action by contacting your candidates for election and asking them to sign the Pledge.

Remember, the only real deadline is the election on November 7th.  Its not too late for candidates to sign.  Make a call or write an email to change their minds.

Or drop by their campaign headquarters, as the Director of Congress Watch did last Friday (read all about her adventures trying to sign up some Illinois candidates in person at their HQs).

Also, when you contact folks, tell us about it by writing an email to cleanupwashington@citizen.org.

Our current election system pushes candidates for Congress to sell out before they can get in.  Its time for a new day in American politics that will make politicians more accountable to voters than to wealthy special interests.

We can do it, with your help. Call your candidates and let us know how it went.  And be sure to check back before November 7th to see where your candidates stand on corruption and the public funding of elections.