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Halloween Humor: Should Death Be Considered a Pre-Existing Condition?

At Public Citizen, we’re not afraid to answer the really scary questions, whether they come from journalists, political leaders, our opponents or our supporters. But there are some questions continue to haunt us, especially on Halloween. We’ll leave it to you to decide whether these questions are tricks or treats.

  • It’s an age old debate: tricks or treats. Will you stand up for the right to trick in your neighborhood?
  • Is giving free candy to children socialism?
  • Does it seem wrong to foreclose on houses that are haunted by ghosts?
  • Vampires vs. werewolves. Why can’t both sides get along?
  • Is it time to abolish candy corn?
  • Is Halloween giving witches a bad name?
  • Last night, an unnamed assailant toilet-papered the White House. What is your reaction?
  • Is it right to let our children dress up as princes and princesses? What message are we sending about monarchy?
  • Is it realistic to ask zombies to become vegetarians to fight climate change?
  • Count Dracula is now hundreds of years old, yet he’s still collecting Social Security checks every month. Does that seem fair to you?
  • What do you say to pumpkins who are sick of being carved? Don’t they have rights too?
  • Some people say that ghosts are the solution to climate change since they don’t pollute. What is your reaction?
  • Some states won’t allow dead people to vote without a valid ID. Is that discrimination?
  • President Trump never severed his business ties to Big Garlic, and vampires are outraged. What do you think?
  • Some ghosts are saying that calls for greater transparency amounts to hate speech. Are they right to be upset?
  • Some people are saying democracy is for people? But what about monsters? Don’t they deserve democracy too?
  • Vampires are saying that blood banks on Wall Street have grown too big to fail. Should we break them up?
  • If giving up dark money meant you also had to give up dark chocolate, would you do it?
  • Do you support Mediscare for all?
  • Can Hell really afford universal Hell-th care?
  • Should death be considered a pre-existing condition?
  • Hell is building a wall to keep Donald Trump out. Should Purgatory pay for it?
  • Is your personal data safer with the Devil or Mark Zuckerberg?
  • Which costume is scarier on the Halloween before an election: James Comey or Vladimir Putin?
  • In your opinion, was the Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr. a trick or a treat?
  • Who would be scarier to bump into in a graveyard late at night: Nosferatu or Ted Cruz?
  • Trolls: adorable or deplorable?
  • White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she’ll be handing out Whoppers this Halloween. Should we believe her?

Happy Halloween from your friends at Public Citizen!