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Glendale’s Stand on Cadiz a Victory for Public Interest, Environmental Groups

July 31, 2002

Glendale?s Stand on Cadiz a Victory for Public Interest, Environmental Groups

Statement by Jane Kelly, Director, Public Citizen?s California Office

Public interest and environmental groups won a major victory yesterday when the Glendale City Council voted unanimously to oppose the Cadiz water project. In strong statements, city council members made clear their concerns about the project?s propensity to damage the environment, the economy and consumers.

It is heartening to see that officials are wising up to the many dangers this project poses. This would be the first time a private company would control a critical portion of the region?s water supply during droughts and emergencies. We also worry that the project will lead to rising water rates for consumers because Cadiz?s contract is not subject to any regulatory agency?s oversight. It is also important to note that Cadiz has no experience in water management. Finally, we are deeply concerned that Cadiz will severely threaten a sensitive desert ecosystem and endangered species such as the desert bighorn sheep and the desert tortoise.

For these reasons ? and the fact that Cadiz is on shaky financial footing ? we again applaud the city council?s action and urge the Metropolitan Water District to reject this bad project.