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Fox News Surrenders in Defamation Lawsuit Over Its 2020 Election Lies

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Fox News Corp. agreed to pay a $787.5 million settlement to Dominion Voting Systems in the $1.6 billion defamation suit against Fox. In response, Craig Holman, Ph.D., government affairs lobbyist at Public Citizen, released the following statement:

“Facing what appeared to be an inevitable defeat in the $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems, Fox News and its parent company, Fox Corporation, negotiated a settlement. And a massive settlement at that: Fox agreed to pay Dominion $787,500,000 in damages.

“The evidence kept mounting that the executives and newscasters at Fox were well aware that Trump’s allegations that Dominion voting machines were ‘rigged’ to undermine the 2020 election were entirely false, even to the point of absurdity.

“Lies have consequences, and Fox is feeling them today.

“If Fox is not required under this settlement to tell viewers that its programs and personalities willfully fed them lies, that would be a huge missed opportunity to start to repair the faith in elections that Fox helped to destroy.”