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Final "Reform" vote stinks up the House

It’s hard to describe the sham reform bill being voted on in the House any better than the inimitable Molly Ivins, so let’s just hear from her most recent column on the issue. The "lobby reform" bill, she says, is a "contemptible, cheesy, shoddy piece of hypocrisy… [that shows] a sort of cheerful, defiant, flipping-the-bird-at-the-public attitude." Yup, that’s just about right.

Continuing, she says "watching Washington be taken over by these little sleaze merchants is not only expensive and repulsive, it is destroying America, destroying any sense we ever had that we’re a nation, not 298 million individuals cheating to get ahead." Yeah, check on that too.

She concludes "I’m sorry these creeps in Congress have so little sense of what they’re supposed to be about that they think it’s fine to sneer at ethics. But they work for us. It’s our job to keep them under control until we can replace them. Time to get up off our butts and take some responsibility here. Let them hear from you."

Once again, we couldn’t agree more. Click here to give them a piece of your mind.

-Gordon Clark