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Dorry's Daily Digest for Sept. 3

A daily look at news from the Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal that caught our eye:

Energy and Environment

An Oil Rig Burns, Blanketing Gulf with Angst (NYT)

BP Says Proposal to Curb Drilling Imperils Payouts (NYT)

Oil rig catches fire in gulf; leak unlikely (WP)

Shallow-water platform fire raises wider questions on oil safety (WP)

BP says lessons from gulf spill could prevent more incidents (WP)

Blaze Shakes Oil Industry (WSJ)

Warm Waters Give Storms Extra Jolt (WSJ)

The sticker price (WP editorial re new gas-mileage labels)

Mariner Has Dealt With Fires Before (WSJ)

Rigs Drill for Oil; Platforms Pump It (WSJ)


Shifting the Health Care Burden (NYT editorial)

Employers Pushed Costs for Health on Workers (NYT)

Surer footing for Medicare (WP)

New Type of Malaria Drug Has Promise (WSJ)

Employees Shoulder Bigger Share of Health-Care Costs (WSJ)

Workplace Safety

Labor secretary sees progress, long road ahead in helping workers (WP)

Financial Reform

Bernanke Defends Record on Lehman (WSJ)