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School house rockin' a beat-up Wall Street reform act

"public citizen lady liberty"

In case you missed this last week, the segment below had this Lady Liberty falling off her couch! Kudos to the smart folks over at the Daily Show who knew about our Warren recess appointment revelation. (If only the White House would subscribe to www.citizenvox.org RSS feed). And, of course, it should go without saying that we feel for John Oliver/ Dodd-Frank.  It’s no wonder he’s so upset.

If you haven’t read our latest report “Just Not Us,” you’ve got to check out what the financial industry lobbying SWAT team has been up to. The report examines the financial services industry’s efforts to undermine the proposed rule in Section 956 of Dodd-Frank, which covers incentive-based compensation (i.e., executive pay) that “encourages inappropriate risks.” We review 24 financial services industry companies, trade associations and their allies that submitted comments seeking to weaken the proposed rule. The primary theme of industry’s comments: “Please exempt us from this rule.”

For another enlightening take, click on The Daily Show Dodd-Frank Update link in the box below to get an idea of how NOT far we’ve come in one year since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act.