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Corporate Immunity Proposal Preventing Coronavirus Relief


Welcome to the latest edition of “Corporate Accountability, Not Immunity,” a daily tipsheet highlighting key news and important facts on why Congress should not give corporations legal immunity from coronavirus-related harms to workers, consumers, patients and the public. Also refer to our tipsheet on misleading claims from industry groups and conservative lawmakers. Please send tips, feedback and questions to David Rosen at drosen@citizen.org.

CONGRESS LEAVES TOWN WITH NO DEAL: Both chambers of Congress have recessed until September without reaching a bipartisan deal on a fifth coronavirus response package. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) corporate immunity proposal remains a key obstacle to an agreement.

IMMUNITY SHIELDS CARELESS SCHOOLS: “McConnell’s proposal shields careless schools,” Remington A. Gregg from Public Citizen wrote for Inside Sources. “By contrast, schools that act responsibly to keep people safe will face both fewer claims and have significant defenses to liability – they don’t need the McConnell bill.” He concluded: “A national health crisis is no time to give a free pass to schools that are lax about safety.”

IDAHO TEACHERS BLAST SCHOOL IMMUNITY PROPOSAL: Idaho’s largest teachers’ union is blasting a proposal that would grant schools immunity from coronavirus-related lawsuits, which might be considered during this month’s special session. In a statement Thursday, the Idaho Education Association said the bill is “filled with flaws and trap doors” and would give school districts the ability to disregard their own pandemic safety plans.