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Consumers Support Action on Climate Change

June 2, 2014

Consumer Action – National Consumer Law Center – Public Citizen

Consumers Support Action on Climate Change

As organizations with a mission to protect household consumers, we understand the imperative of taking aggressive action on climate change, as many of our most vulnerable constituents are exposed to damages from increased frequency and severity of storms, flooding and other global warming impacts. We also believe that measures to address climate change must include strong protections to ensure struggling households are able to maintain access to essential energy.

The proposed rule to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants – taken together with similar regulations for not-yet-built power plants, as well as fully-implemented emissions standards for automobiles” – represent a desperately needed effort that begins to address greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector.

Programs to avert catastrophic climate change must ensure that households have access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. While we will need time to digest the details of the proposed rule, we are pleased that it provides ample opportunities for states to design energy efficiency, distributed renewable energy programs and other broad-based initiatives that can be implemented with maximum benefits for consumers. We urge the Environmental Protection Agency to work with states and stakeholders to promote processes and programs that will reduce the threat of climate change while delivering value and savings to consumers, and ensuring that service and affordability is safeguarded for low-income consumers.

With appropriate implementation, this rule can enhance consumer well-being, both by contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, but also delivering savings to consumers.


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