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Coke Is Using the Rio Olympics to Target Latinos — And It's a Huge Problem

Coke Is Using the Rio Olympics to Target Latinos — And It’s a Huge Problem

Food Mic

Alex Orlov

Food advertisers are thirsty for attention during the Olympic Games, and a recent interview with a Coca-Cola spokesperson reveals that the brand is targeting Hispanics with its #ThatsGold campaign.

In an interview with Portada-Online, associate brand manager Melissa Palacios said that the #ThatsGold campaign will include themes of positivity and inclusiveness because “… more than other ethnic groups, Hispanics are particularly interested in the potential underdog stories, those stories of hard work and success.”

The problem: Coke isn’t celebrating Hispanics or the variety of cultures in the Olympics, the company is currying good favor with specific populations. The goal? To gain lifelong Coke addicts — ahem, consumers.

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