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Clean the oily hands in Congress

Despite the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Congress has done nothing to end our addiction to oil.

Wondering why? Crude is not the only thing flowing from Big Oil. The industry’s money is flowing through the halls of Congress and polluting our political system.

The members of Congress have oil on their hands.

Sign the “Congress: You Have Oil on Your Hands” petition.

The corporate control of our government – in particular, the influence of oil and gas money – has endangered our environment and the people who depend on it. The situation in the Gulf of Mexico is a tragic example of what can result from this corrupt political process.

We are collecting signatures to build public pressure on our elected officials to give their BP money – and all their oil and gas industry contributions – to the Gulf recovery effort.

We will deliver the petition on July 20 – the three-month anniversary of the disaster – following a rally on Capitol Hill.

And if you’re in Washington, come join us for the protest. It’ll be on Tuesday at noon. Meet in the upper Senate park, located at Constitution and New Jersey Avenues.

Speakers include: 

Robert Weissman, president, Public Citizen

Phil Radford, executive director, Greenpeace

Becca Connors, outreach manager, Friends of the Earth

Aaron Viles, campaign director, Gulf Restoration Network

Ted Glick, policy director, Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Rev. Jennifer Hope Kottler, director of policy and advocacy, Sojourners

Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Shalom Center

Rabbi David Shneyer, Congregation Am Kolel

John Hill, United Methodist Board of Global Ministries

Ibrahim Ramey, Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation

Please add your name to the list of citizens that are fed up with Big Oil’s influence over our decision makers.

Sign the petition and work with us to eradicate dirty oil and gas industry influence from the halls of Congress.

Our environment and democracy depend on it!