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Cigarette plain packs to 'go global'

Cigarette plain packs to ‘go global’


James Gallagher

Plain packaging for cigarettes is about to “go global” in a move that will have a “huge impact” on health, the World Health Organization says.

The body said moves to introduce standardised packaging in the UK, France and Australia will influence policy around the globe.

But the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association said policy was being “driven more by dogma than hard fact”.

Around six million deaths each year are linked to smoking.

Plain, or standardised, packaging has a uniform colour across all brands except for health warnings. Any brand names are in small, non-distinctive lettering.

The premise is that the move kills the glamour and attractiveness of smoking and Benn McGrady, from the WHO, said “the evidence is in” that the measure curbs smoking rates.

Read more: http://www.bbc.com/news/health-36396666