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Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood concerned about SkoolLive's advertising in schools

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood concerned about SkoolLive’s advertising in schools

Pheonix Business Journal

Angela Gonzales

San Diego-based SkoolLive Inc. has entered the Arizona market, installing 71 kiosks in 38 schools throughout the state that allow schools to streamline school announcements and messages formerly posted on posters throughout the school. It also gives businesses an opportunity to advertise on the kiosks, which is drawing the ire of the children’s advocacy group.

David Monahan, campaign manager for Boston-based Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, said children are vulnerable to advertising and don’t really understand the persuasive art of advertising.

“When they see advertising messages in school, they get the impression that an advertisement has the seal of approval of the school or the principal or the teacher,” Monahan said. “We feel it interferes with the message, which should be all about education. It should not be about selling things and commercialization.”

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