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Bright lines for dark money

On our last webinar we delved into the ins-and-outs of organizations that spend money to influence elections without disclosing their donors, or as we like to call them, dark money groups.

Check it out below!

This webinar gets to the heart of the recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) “scandal” and what you can do to help root out organizations that are gaming the rules.  The confusion around the existing IRS rules has allowed groups willing pour millions into manipulating elections to do so freely, while smaller groups dedicated to civic engagement have waited on the sidelines, too afraid to participate in our democracy as fully as they are allowed.

Public Citizen’s Bright Lines Project has been working for years to resolve dark money abuses and these IRS proposed rules will finally begin to tackle this huge roadblock to our democracy Thanks to the 25,000 Public Citizen supporters who took action to tell the government to shine a light on dark money groups, the IRS received a record response from individuals calling for meaningful reforms.

In the coming weeks, Congress will be moving forward with hearings to discuss the goings-on at the IRS, and we’ll be there to let you know about upcoming opportunities to get involved.

If you haven’t yet watched the webinar, check it out and get up to speed. Then stay tuned!

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Kelly Ngo is the online advocacy organizer for Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division.