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Back-To-School Marketing In The 21st Century

Back-To-School Marketing In The 21st Century

Paul Koulogeorge


As long as there have been schools, there have been people marketing to families at the start of the school year. When the school year began at Plato’s Academy in Ancient Greece, I’m sure there were toga sellers marking the occasion with back-to-school sales.

While this stage of life is timeless, the way marketers target and promote it has evolved to fit new technology, appeal to a wider mix of consumers and openly acknowledge the emotions involved with going back to school. Let’s explore each of these areas.

Marketers are leveraging old-fashioned concepts with a digital twist.

The same promotional ideas that worked for Don Draper in 1967 still apply in 2017: contests, giveaways, events and price reductions. But today, they should be managed with the technology of the modern era.

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