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Activists engage in online conversation with Public Citizen organizers

Last night, dozens of activists joined an online conversation with Public Citizen, hosted by me and my colleague Kelly Ngo.

If you missed the conversation, don’t worry – we hope this will be the first of many online talks. And you can watch a recording of last night’s broadcast here:

During the conversation, we discussed what makes Public Citizen unique among advocacy organizations, the issue priorities of our Congress Watch division, and the process of passing the STOCK Act as a case study in how grassroots activism works in tandem with our lobbying efforts in Washington. We also answered a number of questions posed to us by activists.

Why host these online conversations? Because we are excited to educate grassroots activists like you all over the country about our organization and the issues that we work on, and to prepare you to participate locally in actions that will help sway members of Congress to embrace reforms that benefit the public interest.

The next live online conversation will be held during the week of July 14 (exact time and date to be announced soon).

To let us know you’re interested in joining the next online conversation, sign up here.

Rick Claypool is online director for Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division. Follow him on Twitter at @RickClaypool.