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2022 Consumer Advocacy Week

In September, Public Citizen participated in the 2022 Consumer Advocacy Week, working together with coalition partners and hundreds of citizens around the country to push for progressive reforms and legislation to aid everyday consumers. With more than 200 participants from 37 states, it was definitely a productively busy week!

By meeting directly with legislative offices alongside the constituents they represent, congressional offices were able to hear the impact of their policy actions on an individual level, while members of the public were able to express themselves directly to their elected officials to show how meaningful these issues are to everyday Americans nationwide.

This year, the week was centered around three different legislative issues: Unjust Overdraft Fees, Restoring the Power of the Federal Trade Commission, and Protecting Consumers from Fraud and Theft.

And while admittedly all of these issues have their complexities, Public Citizen has created three supplemental fact sheets to synthesize the issues, introduce the various related pieces of legislation, and become a resource for information on these topics moving forward. After all, we should all be ready to talk about consumer protection issues at a moment’s notice!

The links to the fact sheets are below, and we encourage you to directly join in the fight with us next year as a part of the 2023 Consumer Advocacy Week!

Fact Sheet on Protecting Consumers from Fraud and Theft 

Fact Sheet on Restoring the Power of the Federal Trade Commission

Fact Sheet on Eliminating Unjust Overdraft Fees