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Dirty Energy Democrats Vote to End Progress on EVs

On September 14, 2023, dirty energy apologists voted to gut the Clean Air Act and prop up Big Oil over American families’ health and wellbeing—and our collective future.

Transportation is the leading cause of climate pollution in the U.S. Clean cars are a key solution. They also reduce costs, expand consumers’ car options, and deliver massive public health benefits.

This bill would block states from setting stronger clean car rules—even if their air quality is far worse than the national average.

Though largely a Republican-led effort, eight Democrats also joined in: Rep. Caraveo (CO), Rep. Costa (CA), Rep. Cuellar (TX), Rep. Davis (NC), Rep. Golden (ME), Rep. Perez (WA), Rep. Vasquez (NM) and Rep. Higgins (NY).

Let’s hold these lawmakers accountable.