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The Real Root Cause of the Ford-Firestone Tragedy: Why the Public is Still at Risk


For over a decade, Ford and Firestone covered up the deadly tire/SUV combination of Firestone Wilderness AT tires, which experienced tread separations at an inexcusably high rate, and Ford Explorers, which are disproportionately prone to rollover.

In August 2000 and in April 2001 Public Citizen and Safetyforum.com called for the recall of Firestone Wilderness AT tires. On August 9, 2000 Ford and Firestone announced the their first recall of 6.5 million Wilderness AT tires made in Decatur, Illinois.

But Explorer occupants were still at risk. Additional tires not included in the first recall were deemed by the government to be defective on October 4, 2001, and were eventually recalled. Difficulties with tire blowout-induced rollovers continue in Ford Explorers, even on models not equipped with Firestone tires. NHTSA should continue its investigation of safety defects that may afflict Explorers.

Documents Submitted by Ford, Firestone, NHTSA & Others To Congress During Congressional Investigations, Sum. 2000
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Depositions in lawsuits against Ford and/or Firestone
Thomas Baughman; James Gardner

Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook testifies before Congress about legislation needed to improve auto safety in wake of Firestone tire recall (11-6-00).

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The Real Root Cause of the Ford-Firestone Tragedy

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of Firestone/Ford Knowledge of Tire Safety Defect

Examine the Charts & Map of deaths and injuries in U.S.
(as of Feb. 6, 2001)

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Read the Victims’ Statements:
Statement of Julie Lockwood-Steinberg
“I am here today to express my concern to all Americans that Tim would be alive today if he had not been driving a Ford Explorer with Firestone tires.”

Statement of Shawna Fruecht
“I couldn’t control the car. It spun 180 degrees and then began to roll.”

Statement of Vickie Hendricks
“I can only hope that my son didn’t die in vain, and that Congress will act…”