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Public Citizen’s Blueprint for the Biden Administration

What is your top priority for President-elect Joe Biden?

Donald Trump stuffed his administration with unqualified cronies and hacks who used their ill-gotten authority to enrich themselves while undermining the very agencies they were in charge of. Now, Joe Biden has the responsibility to make sure his administration puts the needs of everyday Americans before the greed of billionaires and Big Business.

As Public Citizen gears up for the Biden administration, we want to hear from you: What is your top priority for President-elect Joe Biden? What issues matter to you most? Your voice will fuel our advocacy priorities.

Based on ongoing feedback from our members and followers, we’ve developed a series of transition memos to guide the next administration through the country’s most pressing challenges, critical needs, and key opportunities. These documents offer a blueprint for building a political system that serves the people, rather than corporations and the super-rich.

Guarantee Everyone Access to Medicines They Need in the Pandemic and Beyond 


Many Americans cannot afford to wait for a vaccine or cannot afford treatment,  and as we course deeper into the pandemic, challenges to people’s existing health conditions will deepen as well.  The U.S government has the capacity and authority to research, develop and manufacture medicine at an immense scale, or have this done on its behalf under existing law. Read the memo here.


Give Patients Relief From Skyrocketing Drug Prices


Even during the worst pandemic in a century, Americans continue to be burdened by skyrocketing drug prices. H.R. 3 would help patients consumers, but additional amendments to the bill would provide much more needed relief. Read the memo here.


Protect Privacy and Digital Rights for All

Mark Zuckerberg

Public Citizen joined with other progressive groups in this memo urging the Biden administration to take this opportunity to lead on privacy and digital rights issues, to start fixing a badly broken and unregulated technology ecosystem that has harmed Americans for too long. Read the memo here.


Hold Wall Street and Corporate Executives Accountable

Rich Person

Public Citizen memo outlining specific steps to ensure that Main Street comes before Wall Street to prevent another bank bailout, bridle runaway CEO pay, prosecute individuals for misconduct, and cease funding climate changing business. Read the memo here.


Cut Wasteful Military Spending and Invest in Our Future

War Plane

Public Citizen joined with other organizations in this memo to recommend concrete action steps the Biden Administration can take to enhance the Pentagon’s strategic focus, transparency, and accountability, in furtherance of the President-Elect’s articulated goals. Read the memo here.


Unwind Trump’s Deregulatory State and Restore Public Protections

Cost Benefit Analysis

Public Citizen’s memo explains how the Biden administration can reverse Trump’s radical and corporate driven deregulatory agenda and put new regulations in place to protect consumers, workers, minorities and the environment. Read the memo here. In addition, Public Citizen co-chairs the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards, which sent a letter to Biden outlining recommendations for swift, bold action on public protections. Read the letter, co-signed by 95 public interest organizations and leaders, here.


Rebuild Our Democracy, Fight Corruption and Restore the Rule of Law

Public Citizen joined with the 170 organization in the Declaration for American Democracy coalition to produce a memo supporting robust executive branch reforms on anti-corruption, money in politics, rule of law, and voting rights issues. Read the memo here.


Make Energy Markets Accountable to the Public


Public Citizen’s five-point Securing The Public Interest At FERC details the unilateral actions the independent regulator can take on climate change, corporate accountability, market transparency and public participation. Read the memo here.


Stand Up for Our Right to a Day in Court

Access to Justice

Public Citizen’s access to justice memo proposes executive actions and legislative solutions to restore and expand peoples’ access to the civil justice system, in furtherance of the Biden-Harris promise to strengthen “America’s commitment to justice. Read the memo here.


Fight for Consumers and Safer Products


Public Citizen joined with other consumer safety organizations to articulate an agenda that prioritizes consumers by correcting laws and court decisions that have weakened product safety in America, and which can be tackled immediately by the Biden-Harris administration and Congress. Read the memo here.

Protect Whistleblowers and Champion Accountability


Public Citizen joined with the Make it Safe Coalition’s Steering Committee to come up with a set of recommendations to increase government accountability by making the federal government a safer place for whistleblowers. Read the memo here.