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Public Citizen, Gov. Abbott Agree: No Nuke Waste in Texas

Feds taking public comment Oct. 8, Oct. 15

By Michael Coleman

"Germany Nuclear Power"

Public Citizen’s Texas office and Gov. Greg Abbott rarely see eye-to-eye. But when it comes to storing dangerous nuclear waste in Texas, we agree: It’s a terrible idea.

That’s why we were heartened to learn of Abbott’s letter last week to President Donald Trump, in which the Texas governor urged Trump to oppose plans to ship deadly high-level nuclear waste to nuclear reactors across the country to Texas. He’s worried about the threat to the Texas economy. We’re worried about public health and the environment. Still, the goal is the same – to stop Texas from become a nuke waste dump.

“The proposed sites in Texas and New Mexico do not provide the deep geologic isolation required for permanent storage in order to minimize the risks of accidents, terrorism, or sabotage, which could disrupt the country’s energy supply with catastrophic effects on the American economy,” Abbott wrote to Trump.

At the end of the 2019 Texas Legislature, Abbott tweeted Texas should not become “the radioactive waste dumping ground of America” and he would “not let that happen.”

We couldn’t agree more. We oppose this dump because: 

  • Environmental justicecommunities in the Southwest will be impacted most. 
  • Millions of people who live near ports and railroad would be at risk from leaks, accidents, or sabotage.
  • High level radioactive material is dangerous for millions of years.
  • Exposure to radiation leads to cancers, birth defects, and death.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is conducting hearings on the issue on Thursday, Oct. 8 from 5-8 p.m. CDT and Thursday, Oct. 15, from 1-5 p.m. CDT. They are taking public comment.  To make your voice heard dial 1-888-989-9268. The passcode is 5300047. After dialing in, Press *1 to register to speak

Thank you for helping us keep nuclear waste out of the state of Texas.