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Video: NAFTA: Trump threatened to nix it. We forced him to fix it.

For decades, Congressional Democrats have demanded that U.S. trade policies like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) must put working people and the planet first.

In 2016, Trump campaigned fixing our bad trade deals, starting with NAFTA. But anyone can talk the talk. Trump didn’t plan to walk the walk.

Trump betrayed his promise to working people to fix NAFTA. The revised NAFTA Trump signed in 2018 was packed with giveaways for Big Pharma to lock in high medicine prices. And its labor terms were too weak to stop job outsourcing. Democrats forced Donald Trump to reopen and renegotiate his NAFTA 2.0 so that a final agreement might counteract some of NAFTA’s ongoing damage to workers and the environment.

The new NAFTA is not a template for future agreements: it sets the floor from which we will fight for good trade policies that put working people and the planet first.

Learn more at: http://replacenafta.org