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Major Drop in U.S. Exports to Korea Since Obama’s Free Trade Pact, Zero Growth in U.S. Goods Exports Revealed in Today’s 2013 Year-End Trade Data Another Blow to Obama Push for Fast Track and TPP

By Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

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“Today’s trade data showing zero growth for U.S. goods exports relative to last year and an ever larger fall off in U.S. exports to Korea since that pact will only reinforce congressional opposition to NAFTA-on-steroid “trade” agreements like the TPP and the Fast Track authority to expedite passage of such deals.

The White House and the corporate lobby are trying to sell Congress the TPP and Fast Track with the same old promises about export growth and job creation, but today’s data show that under Obama’s only past major trade deal with Korea on which TPP is modeled, U.S. exports dropped dramatically, imports soared and the U.S. lost more jobs to a trade agreement.”