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Letter to Clerk of the House re: Rep. Mark Meadows

Compliance to disclosure requirements

By Craig Holman

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The Hon. Cheryl Johnson
U.S. House of Representatives
Clerk of the House
U.S. Capitol, Room H154
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Clerk of the House:

Public Citizen is writing to you to make sure that you are aware of yesterday’s news report in the New Yorker documenting that Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) apparently failed to properly disclose his real estate transactions in Dinosaur, Colorado. As reported in the news story, and as shown in the attached property transfer records from the Moffat County Assessor’s office, Meadows sold several lots amounting to 134 acres of property to Answers in Genesis for $197,000 in 2016, which was paid to Meadows in monthly installments. Meadows’ personal financial disclosure forms do not report these transactions.

Public Citizen further requests that the Clerk of the House investigate whether Meadows has a history of failing to report his investments and transactions. According to Brett Kappel, a campaign finance lawyer quoted in the news story, “[t]here appear to have been multiple reporting violations that occurred over a long period of time” by Meadows.

We urge you to determine whether Meadows has violated the disclosure requirements of the Ethics in Government Act, whether he has done so on a frequent basis, and to seek appropriate remedies, not the least of which is to correct his disclosure forms.



Craig Holman, Ph.D.
Government affairs lobbyist
Public Citizen
215 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Washington, D.C. 20003
(202) 454-5182