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Leadership Supporters

Through our Civil Justice Project, Public Citizen use a three-pronged approach — legislative advocacy, litigation and research — to preserve an individual’s right to seek redress through the courts. The generous supporters listed below have joined our fight to protect consumers’ access to justice.


Annual Support of $100,000+

Joseph CotchettFrank M. Pitre

Civil Justice Trustees

Annual Support of $25,000+

Robert M. BramsonKit A. Pierson
Elizabeth CabraserGerson Smoger
Victoria Nugent

Civil Justice Champions

Annual Support of $12,000 to $24,999

Jay CauseyMichael and Louise Malakoff
Mark Chavez

Civil Justice Leaders

Annual Support of $6,000 to $11,999

American Association for JusticeKeith A, HebeisenAndrea Nace
Tim BeckerStephen HermanBarry J. Nace, in memoriam
Mark BronsonRobert Jennings Jr.
and Barbara Bott
Christopher T. Nace
Jeffrey A. BurnsBob P. KillianMatthew A. Nace
Deitzler FoundationCharles J. LaDucaAllen and Linda Saeks
Tim DollarPatrick A. Malone
Pamela GilbertAlan B. Morrison

Civil Justice Advocates

Annual Support of $3,000 to $5,999

Michael J. CrowCyrus MehriSteven A. Skalet
Arthur L. Fox IIPeter NeumannChristine D. Spagnoli
Jeffrey M. GoldbergPeter T. NichollSteve Tillery
J. Gary Gwilliam

Civil Justice Associates

Annual Support of $1,200 to $2,999

Greg AllenRobert HabushDee Miles
Roy BarnesTom HamerCole Portis
Jere BeasleyAlbert H. KramerGeorge T. Sinas
Anne BloomWilliam M. KriegHezekiah Sistrunk
Raymond P. BoucherJames T. LeavittTad Thomas
Charles BrainardJoan LevinMona Lisa Wallace
J. Kent EmisonArthur Levy
Scott GrabelMichael Lewis
Bernard M. GrossChristopher J. Marzzacco
Deepak GuptaTom Methvin