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Infographic: The Corporations Pushing NAFTA 2.0 Already Are Responsible for More Than 500,000 Trade-Related U.S. Job Losses

If the “USMCA” is nothing like NAFTA and good for American workers as Trump claims, why are unions opposed and corporations responsible for 500,000 trade-related layoffs trying to ram it through Congress?

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Two massive corporate coalitions packed with chronic job-outsourcers and Big Pharma firms that pushed NAFTA in the 1990s and every other trade deal that Donald Trump says he hates now are spending millions to ram the revised North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) deal through Congress.

Member firms of these corporate lobby fronts – USMCA Coalition and  Pass USMCA Coalition – already have been certified by the U.S. government as responsible for at least half a million trade-related American job losses since they pushed NAFTA 1.0 through Congress.

Meanwhile, labor unions and consumer groups say the revised NAFTA will lock in high medicine prices and won’t stop job outsourcing. They are demanding improvements before the pact goes to Congress.

Per the AFL-CIO Executive Council: “The labor movement is united in our judgment that the new NAFTA does not yet meaningfully address what is wrong with the original NAFTA…the new NAFTA does little to stop the continued outsourcing of U.S. jobs to Mexico across all sectors…It will also keep drug prices high by expanding monopoly power for brand-name pharmaceutical companies… if the administration insists on a premature vote on the new NAFTA in its current form, we will have no choice but to oppose it.”

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