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Whose Trade Organization? A Comprehensive Guide To the WTO – a book by Lori Wallach and Patrick Woodall
Want to know why the WTO attracts passionate protests all over the world? Steps toward a democratic, accountable alternative? This is the book for you. Purchase here.


Trade Deficit in Food Safety: Proposed NAFTA Expansions Replicate Limits On U.S. Food Safety Policy That Are Contributing To Unsafe Food Imports
U.S. Food Imports Double Since NAFTA and WTO, Which Set Limits on Border Inspection, Safety Requirements; Analysis of New Data Details Safety Problems With Latin American NAFTA Expansion Targets That Are Major U.S. Seafood Importers

Peru-U.S. “Free Trade Agreement” Would Help Lock In Failed Social Security Privatization in Peru – A Joint Report by Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), USAction, and Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch
Bush’s NAFTA expansion pact with the Latin American country of Peru contains obscure provisions that would chill efforts to reverse the failed privatization of Peru’s social security system. To read this report in Spanish, click here.

Election 2006: No to Staying the Course on Trade
Trade helped put Democrats over the top in the mid-term elections, emerging as a national electoral issue with more than 25 paid ads and 115 races using trade as differentiator; Exit polls showed voters’ economic anxiety was a top concern.

State’s Rights and International Trade: A Legislator’s Guide to Reinvigorating Federalism in the Era of Globalization
A comprehensive guide for state legislators about the impacts of today’s international trade agreements on state and local authority.

Public Citizen’s Pocket Trade Lawyer: The Alphabet Soup of Globalization
This guide is intended to help people go to the legal sources with an understanding of some of the most essential specialized terms, language and legal quirks of globalization’s instruments.

Trade Wars – Revenge of the Myth: Deals for Trade Votes Gone Bad
Details all the promises made by various administrations in exchange for trade votes.

NAFTA Chapter 11 Investor-State Cases: Lessons for the Central America Free Trade Agreement
The track record of cases demonstrate an array of attacks on public policies and normal governmental activity at all levels of government. This report is the most comprehensive analysis of NAFTA cases yet published in the United States.

Trade Advisory Committees: Privileged Access for Polluters
Public Citizen scrutinized the environmental and consumer records of companies represented on three trade advisory committees. Our study reveals a pattern of lawlessness and disregard for consumer health and the environment among many of these companies.

Fact Sheets

Replace Fast Track: Make the Global Economy Work

What you need to know: Peru, Colombia and Panama NAFTA Expansion

Failed Trade Policy & Immigration: Cause & Effect

Make Trade Work for States

Prosperity Undermined During Fast Track/NAFTA/WTO Era: Time for a Change of Course!
Fast Track’s Legacy: U.S. wages stagnate, trade deficits soar, good U.S. jobs destroyed, increased income inequality in the U.S. and worldwide, and poverty, hunger and displacement on the rise in poor countries.

NAFTA at Ten Series
Public Citizen’s NAFTA at Ten Series documents the first decade of results of the failed NAFTA model.

The Ten Year Track Record of the North American Free Trade Agreement:
The Mexican Economy, Agriculture and Environment

The Ten Year Track Record of the North American Free Trade Agreement:
U.S. Workers’ Jobs, Wages and Economic Security

The Ten Year Track Record of the North American Free Trade Agreement:
Undermining Sovereignty and Democracy

The Ten Year Track Record of the North American Free Trade Agreement:
U.S., Mexican and Canadian Farmers and Agriculture

Articles & Memoranda

The Fair Trade Sweep, by Chris Slevin and Todd Tucker, January 2007.
Published in the Democratic Strategist.
“2006 has shown us that fair trade is not only good policy, it’s smart politics.”

Dems Had Better Listen to the Public’s Anger Over Our Failed Trade Policy, by Deborah James and Todd Tucker, Jan. 7, 2007.
Published on Alternet, and appeared in an abridged format on TomPaine.

Sunset of Fast Track could Avoid Increase in World Poverty: reports from World Bank, Tufts University, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Point to Net Losses for Poor Countries from Conclusion of Doha Round WTO Escalation, Feb. 13, 2007.

NAFTA Cross-Border Trucking Case, Background and Timeline: Bush Administration Move On Mexico-Domiciled Trucks Accessing U.S. Highways Undermines Safety, Environment, March 1, 2007.