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DISCLOSE ACT: We Need to Protect Democracy from the Influence of Dark Money.

Right now, the Senate has the opportunity to take a significant step toward ensuring that special interests, corporations, billionaires, and foreign interests do not sway our elections and gain control over our government – by passing the DISCLOSE Act.

The DISCLOSE Act would stop anonymous spending in our elections by requiring entities trying to influence our elections to disclose their major political donors. It would also increase transparency on political advertisements by requiring disclosure of major donors who underwrite advertisements supporting or attacking judicial nominees.

The DISCLOSE Act is extremely popular with voters. Polls have consistently shown that overwhelming majorities support requiring super PACs and dark money groups to make their donors public; making nearly all political contributions fully transparent; providing more transparency into lobbyist fundraising; prohibiting political candidates from benefiting from unlimited secret corporate money to boost their campaigns; and requiring organizations engaged in political activity to disclose their large donors.

We are working diligently alongside our partners to get this reform passed!