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Cy Pres Awards

Cy pres awards have a transformative effect on our ability to advocate for consumers. We welcome cy pres distributions to help us to continue and enhance our work on behalf of consumers.

If you have questions about whether Public Citizen might be appropriate for cy pres in a particular case, please contact Amanda Fleming, Director of the Civil Justice Project, by phone at 202-588-7734 or by email at afleming@citizen.org.

Many thoughtful advocates have directed cy pres awards to Public Citizen – please join us in thanking them below.

Thank you to these advocates for recent Cy Pres Awards to Public Citizen

Jason B. Adkins
Nancy Barron
Nance Becker
Daniel E. Birkhaeuser
David E. Bower
Robert M. Bramson
David E. Breskin
James E. Butler
Mark A. Chavez
Elliot Conn
Jeff Fazio
Andrew S. Friedman
Dina Micheletti
Agnieszka Fryszman
Steve Gardner
Melissa Hartnett
Scott R. Jeeves
Ray W. Kahler
Bryan Kemnitzer
Taras Kick
Richard Koffman
Barry L. Kramer
Steve D. Larson
Cyrus Mehri
Brad J. Moore
Jennifer S. Rosenberg
Craig E. Rothburd
Thomas G. Shapiro
Daniel Shih
Steve Skalet
Roger M. Townsend
Anthony Vozzolo
Tod Wickersham
Joel O. Wooten