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COVID-19 Response Campaign

Saving Lives, Fighting Corruption and Protecting Democracy

Download the COVID19-Response Campaign Plan

Our country has never faced a challenge like what we’re going through today.

Combining the worst public health emergency in more than a century with the sort of cataclysmic economic collapse we haven’t seen since the Great Depression, this dual crisis is not only threatening the health, lives and financial well-being of tens of millions of Americans but the very nature of our country for generations to come.

From the moment COVID-19 started spreading across the country, Public Citizen has been crafting the bold, comprehensive response this crisis demands. Working with allies on Capitol Hill, our COVID-19 Crisis Response Campaign Plan will protect public health, soften the economic pain, block Trump administration corruption and defend our democracy.

Our special report  outlining the different elements of this aggressive Campaign Plan can be downloaded here:

Download the COVID19-Response Campaign Plan