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Citizen-Funded Elections

Politicians need big bucks to run their campaigns. They get most of it from wealthy donors and special interests. Those contributors expect paybacks in the form of special access, favorable legislation, earmarks, government contracts, or plum government jobs.

Because of this corrupting influence of money, many Americans have lost faith in politics and feel neglected by our democracy. Ordinary citizens who want to serve in government don’t have access to money and are locked out of the system, unable to afford running for office.

There is a solution: The Government By the People Act (H.R. 20) would empower everyday citizens and engage them in the political process by providing a $25 My Voice Tax Credit for campaign contributions, amplify these small-donor contributions, and give candidates the incentive to seek them out with a six-to-one match from a Freedom From Influence Fund. It also would allow candidates to earn additional public matching funds within 60 days of the election so that citizen-funded candidates can combat super PACs and outside groups.

Resources on the Government By the People Act and Public Financing of Elections