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WEF – World Economic Forum

This page is no longer being updated by Public Citizen and exists for archival purposes only.

Business chiefs and government leaders congregated behind closed doors at the Waldorf Astoria at the invitation-only World Economic Forum in New York to discuss the future of the global economy, while simultaneously, citizen leaders from labor, environmental and other social movements around the world met in Porto Alegre, Brazil at the second annual World Social Forum. Fifty thousand people were expected to attend an array of events at the World Social Forum, which focused on developing new rules for the global economy that promote democracy, diversity and fairness.

In addition, representatives from civil society, including working families, environmental advocates, development activists and grassroots organizers planned educational events and rallies in New York City.

Public Citizen vigorously supports the exercise of Americans’ Constitutional rights to free speech and peaceful assembly. We support creative acts of peaceful, civil disobedience as a means of communicating citizen dissent against government and corporate policies that block democratic participation. Public Citizen does not condone acts of violence, property destruction or vandalism.

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